The Bosebuck Mountain Riders Snowmobile club also known as B.M.R.S.C, founded in 2011 is volunteer non-profit organization solely funded by membership and fundraising events.

Our Mission:

  • Work with local landowners to provide designated routes for safe snowmobiling and encourage snowmobile operation on marked and accessible trails
  • Promote the sport of snowmobiling in the Oxford / Franklin county area
  • Improve the image of snowmobiling by being a good neighbor
  • Promote courteous and responsible snowmobiling, and work with local officials to promote safe and lawful snowmobile operation
  • Develop and maintain a safe and comprehensive system of trails linked to those in other towns to provide access to the statewide trail system
  • Protect the natural environmental features found within the trail system
  • Provide a social activity centered upon the sport of snowmobiling to the betterment of the community